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Skill Set and COVID-19

We are beyond excited to present you with an exciting summer opportunity! Let us introduce ourselves, we are a small business founded in 2017 by a young entrepreneur named Abigail Sefzik. Her deep passion for communication and current events inspired her to empower other young people to develop their skill sets. This curriculum is centered around three essential components: public speaking, critical thinking and current events. 

Skill Set has grown over the past several years and reached hundreds of families all across the Northwest in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and also in Hawaii by providing five day summer camps with the goal of  “Equipping students, parents, and coaches with the skill set necessary to communicate a Biblical worldview in a post-modern world.”  

Our team consists of individuals whose lives have been changed by the power of public speaking. Each one of our coaches holds national titles and is passionate about communication, we believe that being able to communicate is the most important skill anyone can learn!

Due to COVID-19, just like you our lives look a little different right now. We recognize that this is a difficult time for all of us, that is why we wanted to ensure that we even though we are asked to stay distant from one another physically, that doesn’t mean that we have to be disconnected.

Our team is dedicated to still providing quality coaching to you and your students. We will be providing a unique combination of online one-on-one coaching opportunities, small group sessions and comprehensive lectures. Each student will be assigned a coach so that they are able to hone and practice their skill set in personalized groups. There are alternate routes to create real meaningful connections.

Look forward to next week as we announce the two programs that Skill Set is offering this summer! We hope that you will join us in learning together.  

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